Board Members

Anne Timms
Board Member

Anne has good strategic and analytical skills in helping JoH think through the restructure. Supported JoH in the training conducted in Zandspruit.

Collen Masilo

Collen joined the JoH Board
after an internship while studying a Management Advancement programme
at Henley Business School.

Janine Ward
Co-CEO & Board Secretary

Janine has been involved
with JoH since 2008. She is key
to the day-to-day running of
the organisation. She has
been involved in the training programmes in Zandspruit.

Lawrence Byron
Board Member

Lawrence Came from the
Henley Business School internship programme with Collen. His brought solid business thinking into JOH decision making process.

Thandiwe Peach
Board Member

Thandiwe currently works
at Vodacom. She is passionate about children and has been
very supportive of Emily Mashele in the Zandspruit Saturday Club.

Zolisa Sigabi
Vice Chair

Zolisa an Editor on SABC Radio. She is an excellent fundraiser
for JoH – selling jewellery items
in her office at the SABC.
She has done the 94.7 Walk
the Talk event 3 years in a row, raising sponsorships for JoH
in the process.

Ken Royds
Outgoing Chairman

Ken has been an invaluable Chairman, offering business advice on the restructuring process. He has a background
in manufacturing and is
a qualified engineer.

Emily Mashele
Community Liaison

Emily was a jewellery trainer before, now she co-ordinates
the Zandspruit activities.
She runs the Saturday Club
for children. Emily has a deep passion for vulnerable children, and is also a great ambassador
for the new ABCD approach.