Janine Ward

Co-CEO and Board Secretary

A “community child”, Janine was born on a mission station, grew up on a multi-racial theological seminary campus and attended an international boarding school in Swaziland. These environments, unusual in pre-1994 South Africa, fostered an understanding of the post-apartheid society which is now a reality, and Janine’s faith further laid on her heart a deep passion for building community and enabling others to believe in their own capacity to make a difference.
Janine qualified as a Social Worker in 1987 and spent her first working decade promoting sustainable development in a rural community in Swaziland and establishing an NPO. After moving back to South Africa in 1998, Janine has worked with several NPOs as an independent development professional, facilitating training and support in fundraising and sustainability, small business development, HIV & Aids, project management and strategic planning, and faith-based community building.

Email Account: partners@jewelsofhope.org

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