About Us

Southern Africa faces an increasing orphan crisis due to the HIV and AIDS pandemic, with thousands of parentless children facing desperate life situations every day.

Jewels of Hope originated in 2004 as a support group to 11 children from child-headed households who made jewellery to support themselves. This model has been extended, through partnerships, to other locations in Southern Africa.

Jewels of Hope’s vision is to transform vulnerable children into champion citizens!

We seek to be part of the solution by developing children from a point of despair to becoming confident and competent young citizens, empowered to build a self-reliant future for themselves.


Bringing the Light

Our goal today is to develop young people to be:

  • in a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • securely grounded in who they are
  • economically active
  • a positive influence in their community    

Money, Money, Money

What We Do                                                                     

Jewels of Hope serves by designing marketable jewellery, sourcing and buying raw materials; preparing bead kits; providing training in the production process, child development and discipleship, and opening access to markets.

Jewels of Hope provides tools to churches and community organizations (our partners) to establish Connect Groups, with five children between the ages of 11 and 18 years, assisted by an adult who not only acts as a jewellery trainer but also as a mentor and support for the difficult life situations the children face. This group meets weekly and provides a means for personal growth, income generation and life skills for vulnerable children, without them missing school.


Our Documentation

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