Welcome to Jewels of Hope Southern Africa

Jewels of Hope jewellery is made by orphans and vulnerable children living in Southern Africa. By supporting Jewels of Hope you enable us to provide these children with:

  • Basic income to buy food, shoes & clothes
  • The means to attend school
  • Access to care, mentorship and personal development
  • Finance to purchase materials to make more products
  • A sense of pride and purpose

The focus of Jewels of Hope is to impact a few children’s lives deeply for life, rather than to simply touch many children’s lives temporarily. Jewels of Hope forms partnerships with Christian churches and organizations.

All the Children

Daniel grows from vulnerable child to champion citizen!

Daniel lost his mother at age 6, and started school only attending every second day as he had to herd his father’s cattle too. After his father died he was brought up by his loving aunt, Tseli. The small family lives in Maseru,Lesotho and Tseli has done her very best to bring her nephew up as her own son.
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